Revolutionise Your Recruitment Agency's Efficiency and Scalability!

Are you an agency owner or manager looking to take your recruitment business to new heights? RecruitChatBot is the ultimate add-on for RecruitOnline that empowers you to scale your agency while optimising your processes.

With a range of powerful features, RecruitChatBot allows you to streamline your operations, enhance candidate engagement, and free up your Recruitment Consultants to focus on building valuable relationships with clients and candidates.

Instant Job Advert Creation:

Attracting high-quality candidates is crucial for your agency's success. RecruitChatBot empowers you to create captivating job adverts instantly. Save time and ensure your job postings stand out to the most qualified candidates.

Comprehensive Candidate Screening:

Say goodbye to unvetted applicants. RecruitChatBot ensures all candidates are thoroughly screened, whether they fit the current role or not. This valuable information allows you to match candidates to more suitable positions, ultimately increasing your chances of making successful placements.

Job-Specific Interview Questions:

Enhance your interview process with RecruitChatBot's ability to generate job-specific interview questions. Improve the quality of your interviews and make informed hiring decisions.

Effortless Candidate Referral Letters:

Got a stellar candidate you want to impress your clients with? RecruitChatBot simplifies the process of writing candidate referral letters. Craft compelling letters to showcase the exceptional talent you have in your pipeline.

Automate filling Bookings for Temp/Contract Jobs:

Say goodbye to manual candidate bookings! RecruitChatBot effortlessly automates the process, ensuring full compliance and confirmation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements. Seamlessly book candidates into jobs with ease.

Next Day Start Confirmations:

Worried about candidates backing out at the last minute? RecruitChatBot has you covered. Automatically check candidate availability for the next day, giving you peace of mind and saving you valuable time and effort.

Welfare Check-Ins for Candidates:

Show your candidates you care. RecruitChatBot enables you to effortlessly connect with candidates, providing welfare check-ins to ensure their temporary jobs are progressing smoothly. Address their questions, concerns, and ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) and PPE requirements.

Automated Candidate Availability Updates:

Keeping your candidate database up to date is crucial. RecruitChatBot automates contact with your candidates, ensuring you're aware of their next availability. Stay informed and make better-informed decisions for your clients. 

With RecruitChatBot, you can supercharge your recruitment agency's growth, improve efficiency, and elevate candidate and client satisfaction. 

Free up your Recruitment Consultants' time, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: building meaningful relationships. Experience the power of RecruitChatBot and take your agency to new heights today!

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Once you have downloaded the DemoAgency app (from either the Apple or Google app stores) – use the form below to contact us.From here we will do the following;

  • Set up a “Recruiter” demo logon – so you can logon to the RecruitOnline system as a Recruiter and see how the app interacts with the system

  • Set up a dummy/test candidate record so you can use the app as a candidate and see how it functions

  • Contact you to arrange a time to demonstrate both the RecruitOnline system and the DemoAgency candidate app to you

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