What problem do we solve?

Owners and Managers of Recruitment Agencies are typically using multiple different software systems, across multiple offices to run their hiring businesses. Whilst most of these disparate systems do most of what they need, they don’t give a consolidated view of the business.

As they grow, their systems and processes aren’t robust enough to keep pace with the rate of expansion. They stall.

RecruitOnline manages the complete recruitment life cycle by providing an all-in-one recruitment platform that gives a single view of the business. This allows a business to nurture candidates and clients more efficiently. RecruitOnline doesn’t charge for ‘bolt ons or upgrades. Customers get the premium platform, out of the box as standard.

RecruitOnline has been built from the ground up specifically for the Recruitment industry, by Recruiters.

What is a typical use case?

Jeff is an owner of a labour hire business in Christchurch. Business is going well and he’s just won a new contract.

At the moment he is using a number of different systems to run his business. Coupled with different software bolt ons, acquired over the years. Whilst most of the systems do what he needs on the whole, they don’t integrate so he either has to look at different systems for different information or use yet another system to collate information. It’s expensive, he’s constantly being asked to upgrade and, and worst of all, his clients and candidates are frustrated with such a poor user experience.

Jeff meets RecruitOnline and tries their system. It takes away the stress of managing multiple systems which was wasting his time and money.

His overall costs come down, and his clients have commented how much easier it is to onboard and get candidates up and running. Jeff can focus on scaling the business, whilst the software just works in the background.