Sales Leads & Opportunities are the lifeblood of any business and having them built into your business processes is essential.

Leads can come from just about anywhere; a recent reference check; a colleague attending a networking event; a referral from a client; etc. Being attune to the source of them, along with a simple system to assign and follow them up are important elements in successfully growing your business.

In RecruitOnline, leads can be easily added by any member of your team. These can be assigned and reported on. Once a lead has been qualified it can then be converted to an Opportunity and this process allows for users to put more detail and set values such as;

  • % Chance of Winning the Opportunity
  • $ Value of Opportunity
  • Forecast Close Date – use to manage expectations around the progress of an opportunity
  • Status – (eg on Hold, Lost, Abandoned, Won)