Custom Candidate App

Custom Candidate App

One of the most important things an agency has to do is to build its brand in its marketplace and so as ex-recruiters it never made sense to us that our clients would want their candidates to download and install the “RecruitOnline” app.

It’s far more logical that recruitment agencies would want their candidates to download and install their branded custom app from the Apple or Google app stores.

Want to find out more?

Once you have downloaded the DemoAgency app (from either the Apple or Google app stores) – use the form below to contact us.From here we will do the following;

  • Set up a “Recruiter” demo logon – so you can logon to the RecruitOnline system as a Recruiter and see how the app interacts with the system

  • Set up a dummy/test candidate record so you can use the app as a candidate and see how it functions

  • Contact you to arrange a time to demonstrate both the RecruitOnline system and the DemoAgency candidate app to you

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