Enhance Your RecruitOnline Capabilities

Step up your recruitment game with our array of optional enhancements designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing RecruitOnline system. Engineered by recruiters for recruiters, these options offer you the precise tools you need to gain a competitive edge in the recruitment landscape.

Custom Candidate App

Take control of your brand's perception with our Custom Candidate App. Designed for both iOS and Android, this tailor-made application offers an immersive experience uniquely attuned to your brand identity. Candidates can effortlessly search job listings, upload their CVs, access online timesheets, view payslips, and manage essential compliances and licenses—all under your agency's brand umbrella.


Embrace next-level recruitment capabilities with RecruitChatBot. This AI-driven tool not only answers FAQs but also automates crucial processes such as pre-screening applicants, booking candidates into jobs, and periodically checking in on candidates to ensure their well-being. With RecruitChatBot, you free up your human capital to focus on strategic objectives while maximizing efficiency and scalability.


Transform the cumbersome paperwork process into a streamlined digital experience. Our SignTrack module enables you to effortlessly generate essential documents like contracts and letters, which can be securely and electronically signed by your clients and candidates.

Ready for the Next Level?

If you’re intrigued by these enhancements, we invite you to contact us for an in-depth demo. We're eager to assist you in finding the perfect combination of add-ons to meet your unique needs and take your recruiting capabilities to unparalleled heights.

Elevate your RecruitOnline experience from powerful to truly extraordinary.