Streamline Your Document Workflow

Are you tired of the tedious process of generating, sending, and tracking important documents? Look no further! With the RecruitOnline SignTrack Module, you can revolutionise your document management system and enhance your client and candidate interactions.

Our optional add-on module empowers you to effortlessly generate letters and contracts, which you can then send directly to your clients and candidates for seamless electronic signing. No more printing, scanning, or mailing required. Save time, money, and resources with our convenient digital solution.

Key Features

Streamlined Document Generation: Easily create professional charge rate letters, Confirmation of Recruitment Assignment, contracts/terms of business, employment contracts, letters of offer, and more. Our module provides intuitive templates tailored to your spec

Seamless Electronic Signing: Say goodbye to the hassle of physical signatures. Our module enables secure, legally binding electronic signatures, allowing your clients and candidates to sign documents with a few simple clicks. Enhance convenience and expedite the process, eliminating delays and manual handling.

Easily Send Charge Rates for Signing: Effortlessly select charge rates and send them for signing along with your terms of business. Our module streamlines this process, making it easier for your clients to review and sign the necessary documents.

Real-time Tracking: Stay informed at every step of the signing process. The Sign Track Module provides real-time updates, enabling you to track the progress of each document. Know exactly when the document is signed and receive notifications when the process is complete.

Automated Notifications: Once a document is signed, our module automatically sends notifications to both the sender and signer. Stay in the loop without lifting a finger. Additionally, a copy of the signed document is emailed directly to the signer, ensuring they have their own records for reference.

Centralised Document Storage: Bid farewell to paper clutter and disorganised filing systems. Our module seamlessly integrates with RecruitOnline, storing signed documents securely against each client's and candidate's record. Easily access and retrieve documents whenever needed, eliminating the need for manual archiving.

Unlock the Potential of Effortless Document Management! With the RecruitOnline SignTrack Module, you can streamline your document workflow, enhance client and candidate experiences, and take your recruitment process to new heights of efficiency.

Embrace the power of digital signatures, automated notifications, and centralised storage today.

Upgrade to the SignTrack Module and transform the way you handle charge rate letters, Confirmation of Recruitment Assignment, contracts/terms of business, employment contracts, letters of offer, and more. Simplify your operations, increase productivity, and focus on what you do best – building meaningful connections with clients and candidates.

Want to find out more?

Once you have downloaded the DemoAgency app (from either the Apple or Google app stores) – use the form below to contact us.From here we will do the following;

  • Set up a “Recruiter” demo logon – so you can logon to the RecruitOnline system as a Recruiter and see how the app interacts with the system

  • Set up a dummy/test candidate record so you can use the app as a candidate and see how it functions

  • Contact you to arrange a time to demonstrate both the RecruitOnline system and the DemoAgency candidate app to you

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